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CLIMAX CITY: Masterplanning and the Complexity of Urban Growth

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Climax City:
Masterplanning and the Complexity of Urban Growth

Book launch with David Rudlin and Shruti Hemani

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Climax City is an exploration in maps of the growth of cities and the way they are planned. It argues that modern planners are fighting a losing battle to impose order on complex, emergent systems because they fail to understand what it is they are dealing with. They assume that the future can be captured on a plan and built under blue utopian skies but are invariably disappointed. Cities can be planned but only if we work with, rather than against, the systems of urban growth. This we can do by providing structure through a masterplan and by changing the conditions of the system through planning regulations.

Climax City explores through case studies from across the world how this has happened in the past and how we might once more rediscover this lost art of planning. From the medieval hill town to the Indian slum, from the mature cities of Europe the megacities of Asia: the struggle between the planned and the unplanned is universal.

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ISBN 978 1 8594 6763 3


Nottingham Urban Room
38 Carrington Street
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