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IHBC Annual School - Nottingham 2019


IHBC 2019 Annual School - Heritage, Risk & Resilience (Confronting conservation calamities)

From the 4th to 6th July 2019 the Urban Room hosts the IHBC’s 2019 School Heritage, Risk & Resilience which will feature speakers from diverse and specialist backgrounds on the risks, impacts and management of fire, flood, structural failure and other threats and disasters.

Content & Scope

  • Technical, practical and strategic

  • Challenges, insights and solutions

  • Planning for the worst: Risk management

  • Dealing with the aftermath: Response strategies

  • Case studies and practical advice

  • Design - Technology - Management

Opportunities & Benefits

  • On-site studies and Tours covering: Flood prevention, Fire prevention, Post-disaster restoration, Heritage at risk

  • Venues include major historic buildings; Nottingham Council House & St Mary’s Church

  • Continuing Professional Development: Up to 20 hours

  • Business opportunities: Sponsors, exhibitors & more

  • Build networks, enhance practice, secure skills

  • Private, Public and Third Sector audiences and partners

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