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PRIVATE EVENT - Pre-app, Housing & Facades Design

The guides introduce significant changes to the Pre-app and Planning evaluation and feedback process so it is very important that anyone involved in these attend.


This session will cover two areas:

1- Introduction to the new Pre-app process, which has been revised to:

Offer an improved and more consistent service 

Improve the business case for Pre-app support

Manage our input/workload more efficiently and effectively

Line up the planning recommendations/feedback with the guidance of the Design Quality Framework (DQF) documents

2- Introduction to the Housing Design Guide and the Facades Design Guide, two of the forthcoming documents of the DQF.

This session will bring all staff up to speed with the changes, giving everyone an opportunity to highlight potential issues ahead of the testing period scheduled for this new system, which will run between 1st April and 30th September 2019. During this time, staff can accumulate comments/notes/questions and then feed these back in October 2019 to enable the last edition of the system and its documents to take place before the end of 2019.