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PRIVATE MEETING - Stakeholder City Centre Strategy Meeting

Name: Gillian Chambers

Email Address:

Subject: Stakeholder City Centre Strategy Meeting - Robert Dixon

Message: This is an internal NCC Meeting for Robert Dixon, Councillors, Partners & Directors including Cllr Collins.

Phone number: 0115 87 65165

Proposed Event / Exhibition / meeting details: As above.

Start date and end date: 2nd April 2019 - 2nd April 2019

Start time and end time: 1pm - 3pm

Set up date and time (if relevant): 2nd April 2019. 12.30pm

Number of visitors: 40

How many chairs do you need?: 40

How many tables do you need?: 5

Is your event private or public?: Private

(Sent via 38 Carrington Street)