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PUBLIC EVENT - Data Science Nottingham Meetup

Name: Nick Hibberd

Email Address:

Subject: Data Science Nottingham Meetup

Message: The University of Nottingham is currently hosting the Data Science Nottingham Meetup. The publicly open event invites speakers to provide talks in topics related to data science, big data analytics, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, computer vision.

The event is also aimed at establishing and promoting links and collaborations between the University of Nottingham and public partners and companies. Examples of such promotions include hosting meetup events at
partners’ venues, providing talks and presentations at meetup events, etc..

This event links into the development of an immersive incubator at the Science Park.

Phone number: 0115 8761668

Proposed Event / Exhibition / meeting details: Meet up for 30 Tech boffns

Start date and end date: 23/05/19

Start time and end time: 18:00 to 20:00

Set up date and time (if relevant): 17:00 onwards

Number of visitors: 30

How many chairs do you need?: 30

How many tables do you need?: 2

Is your event private or public?: Public

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