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Toni Jarvis (Tiger Projects) using the room for Coop Colleague Working Session

Name: Toni Jarvis

Email Address:

Subject: Booking

Message: Hi
Can I book the room on Wednesday 4 September? 10am - 4pm
This will be for a Coop Colleague Working session.
I have invited my Member Pioneer Coordinator colleagues to have a mutual working day. I would like to showcase the Urban Room as, between us, we coordinate all the Coop Member Pioneers across Nottinghamshire (our community connectors). We will be able to signpost community organisations to the facilities and activities taking place at the Urban Room.
I will also be liaising with the Member Pioneer for the Station Coop to see if we can get their ongoing support with refreshment supplies.

Phone number: 07860868505

Proposed Event / Exhibition / meeting details: As above

Start date and end date: 4 September

Start time and end time: 10am - 4pm

Set up date and time (if relevant): na

Number of visitors: 4 - 12

How many chairs do you need?: 12

How many tables do you need?: 2

Is your event private or public?: Private

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