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Nottingham SQL Server User Group Meet-Up

Name: Liam Pallett

Email Address:

Subject: Request to booket a month 38 Carrington Street

Message: Hello
I co-organise a number of community lead Technology meet-up events in Nottingham. I attended a Data Science one at 38 carrington street a month or so ago and loved the space.
I wanted to enquire about using it for another meet-up event in September please
Kind Regards

Phone number: 07758259130

Proposed Event / Exhibition / meeting details: Nottingham SQL Sever User group (link below)
We have been running this community lead meet-up group for several years now, this is an entirely free event and aimed at bringing technology / data analytics professionals together from across Notts to network and learn new skills.
Our current venue has moved the room we use and the facilities are no longer deemed suitable for our needs.
I personally sponsor this event and buy all of the pizza and drinks for attendees but the venue has been free until now.
Do you charge for this venue hire please and if so how much?

Start date and end date: September 12th (Just this evening)

Start time and end time: 6pm - 9pm

Set up date and time (if relevant): This can be done from 6pm.

Number of visitors: Varies between 8 and 20 as a rule

How many chairs do you need?: One per attendee (I can confirm an approx. number the day before if required)

How many tables do you need?: 1 for the food to be put on.

Is your event private or public?: Public

Earlier Event: September 11
RTPI Committee Meeting