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PUBLIC EVENT - 'Radical Places' Workshop - National Lottery & Learning Cities Session

Name: Christopher Lawton

Email Address:

Subject: 29th July Booking for 'Radical Places' workshop - National Lottery & Learning Cities session

Message: Hi - re: email correspondence with Alice Ullathorne and Danielle Rowe - following Skate Nottingham CIC's Festival of Science and Curiosity workshop at 38 Carrington Street in February, we'd like to book the space for an academic, practitioner and public workshop (FREE spaces limited by Event Brite booking) to start our National Lottery-funded 'Skateboarding in the City' festival; which will bring together academics, public policy professionals and young skaters locally and from all over the world (including from Tampere, Finland and Dayton, Ohio) to discuss current projects using skateboarding to achieve an active, inclusive public realm, to share skills, and to identify funding and collaboration opportunities. This will precede a larger public event in the evening (venue tbc) with talks from Prof Iain Borden, deputy dean at The Bartlett, UCL. Discussions are ongoing with Think NG to badge this workshop and event as a RSA Learning Cities activity

Phone number: 0775 967 2005

Proposed Event / Exhibition / meeting details: This would be a free, public event (with numbers limited via free Event Brite pre-booking) - with the venue booking fee paid from our National Lottery Community Fund grant. The event would be on Monday the 29th of July, and would start at 10am and finish at 4pm with a break for lunch (catering not required). A maximum of 40 guests (including speakers and organisers) would be present.
Activities will include formal presentations (requiring use of the venue's projector and screen); Q&A panel discussions; and practical sessions (such as drawing conceptual maps of cities - and how young people's collective identity related to space - with the 'accidental youthclubs' project team from the University of Northumbria).
The only resources needed from the venue are: projector and screen; tables (4-5) and chairs. We will supply bottled water and disposable glasses. Participants will be reminded that no alcohol can be consumed on the premises.

A full draft programme can be shared with you immediately. We would very happily promote on social media tagging 38 Carrington Street - as advised by you. This one day workshop will be part of a wider 'Skateboarding in the City' festival, with visitors coming to Nottingham from all over the world to discuss new approaches to active and inclusive cities and to watch and take part in world class skateboarding the year prior to the Tokyo Olympics.

Start date and end date: Monday 29/07/2019 - 10.00am

Start time and end time: Monday 29/07/2019 - 4.00pm

Set up date and time (if relevant): Monday 29/07/2019 - 9.30am-10.00am

Number of visitors: c.40

How many chairs do you need?: c.40

How many tables do you need?: 4-5

Is your event private or public?: Public

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This RIBA CPD provides a useful insight into Kingspan, a leading supplier of Insulated Panels they’re pioneering new technologies and innovative ways of building for a low-carbon future. Dedicated to maximising construction efficiency while delivering superior lifetime performance and fire protection with complete building envelope systems underpinned by large-scale system testing and industry-leading warranties. Energy efficiency is at the heart of their innovation, from developing QuadCore™ Technology - the industry's highest-performing closed-cell insulated panel core - to providing services that support sustainable building techniques.

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This CPD discusses the use of aluminium standing seam roof and wall cladding systems. The original “unhole-y roof” concept was developed in the US in the 1960s, inspired by the efficiency and flexibility of the zips used to fasten clothing. Unperforated sheets of metal were profiled with one small roll standing seam and one large roll standing seam, and secured by placing the sheets over halter clips, with the large roll of one sheet overlapping the small roll of the adjacent sheet. They were then sealed firmly together using a “zipping” machine to close the large roll of the standing seam tightly over the small roll, leaving a secure standing seam. Roll-formed standing seam roofing was first introduced to Europe in 1968, with the opening of a factory in Stuttgart. Today, the concept has evolved and it is possible to achieve complex shapes and geometries, and to use standing seam systems for a range of building roofs and walls.

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This RIBA CPD provides a useful insight into Kawneer, a leading supplier of architectural systems, services and building products to the European, North American emerging markets. Arconic is a premier innovator of high performance multi-material products and solutions and a global leader in precision engineering and advanced manufacturing.

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