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Townscape Heritage: Carrington Street

Nottingham City Council were awarded £682,400 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for a Townscape Heritage Scheme to restore the historic buildings on Carrington Street, Arkwright Street and Station Street. Grants are being given for repairing historic building frontages and reinstating lost original features. 

The Townscape Heritage Programme is part of Nottingham City Council's ambition to make the most of the city's heritage sites and regenerate the southern side of the city. 

Repair and reinstatement of the historic shopfront at 38 Carrington Street was one of the first projects completed under the scheme, with funding from the project helping to fit out the space for use as Nottingham’s Urban Room.

Townscape Heritage by Emma Hewitt

As part of our commitment to working with students and the community, we asked undergraduate Emma Hewitt, who studied Architecture at Nottingham Trent University, to illustrate and describe the Carrington Street Townscape Heritage project. To see the full project click here.